About me.

Wife to one. Mother of two (aged 7 and 5), writer, fitness lover, coffee and tea drinker (I’m not fussy… just get it down me!), makeup enthusiast and British expat living in The Netherlands. I devote my time to trying to find answers to my children’s neverending, sometimes ridiculous questions as they follow me around our house while I search hopelessly for missing lego, socks and other pointless objects, all the while whispering profanities under my breath.

My blog is my space, for me to just write what I feel, what I have experienced and how I see the world. This is my personal asylum, where I seek refuge from the ever increasing noise filling my home. The time I spend here will be my own, with no interruptions, no kids fighting over anything they can make an argument over, and absolutely NO talk of Pokemon.


Please do not expect the ‘good times’ to take pride of place on this blog, because you will be sorely disappointed. I will, obviously, take the time to write about our awesome experiences in our family life, but you will also see the other side to this family, where the grass is not always green, the roof does leak (metaphorically speaking) and my parenting does falter…