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Disney World Florida – The Worst Best Holiday Ever!

I recently got back from our first trip to the mighty Disney World Florida. It was a huge surprise for my two children (now aged 7 and 5) and I couldn’t wait for the day to come when we could finally become unburdened by the secret of our exciting travels.

I won’t go into huge detail of the rides, shows, food and characters with this particular post but I am working on many, many more posts reviewing each of the things we chose to do in the two weeks we stayed there. I will also post about the ‘reveal’ separately too.


Did You Enjoy It?

It was the best holiday I have ever been on. I spent two solid weeks with my husband and children. It was hot, we ate like kings and we had more fun in those 14 days than we usually have in a year. We tried out all the new rides and simulators, got closer to animals than I have ever been before and met our favourite characters. The water parks were brilliant, I got to see a side of my 7-year-old son I had never seen before. I couldn’t believe it when he opted to go on the Summit Plummet. He is a thrill seeker and I am so glad, because I literally can’t go over a bridge without getting a wobbly tummy!

I was living my ultimate dream! I have been a Disney lover ever since my mum introduced me to The Little Mermaid when I was a little girl and I was there, meeting Ariel, shopping for Disney merchandise (my favourite pastime) and best of all, I got to see my children’s faces as they shared the same experience, although their eyes saw everything differently. I could see past the makeup of the characters, I was checking each ride for small fractures before we climbed aboard and I was looking for dodgy folk in every crowd whereas my children were seeing the magic, in its entirety. To them, the whole experience was enchanting through their innocent, adolescent eyes. They were really meeting Tinkerbell, Elsa and Kylo Ren and it was magnificent to watch.



It was also exhausting. My daughter quickly became overwhelmed, overheated, over excited and over tired…. all of the things us parents fear the most when coming on holiday. All of those feelings pent-up inside her tiny frame just came bursting out… in the form of a blubbering, screeching, tantrum. She became a mini Jekyll and Hyde and we weren’t sure minute to minute which version of our little lady we were going to get. My husband and I took it in turns to deal with each tantrum as the other parent would watch the passers-by who sped up, ushering their beaming, happy little children on hurriedly as if our situation was contagious. It’s true, we often came across other children sharing the same emotional fate as our daughter, but while we were in the midst of yet another torturous tantrum we only clearly saw the hundreds of children that were gleaming with joy.


Tantrum number 1065842970 today.


The Truth About Disney World – Florida

The truth is, it is bloody difficult to take children on any holiday, let alone a two-week trip to Disney World, because it is so busy you can scarcely breathe your own air or find a space on the pavement to walk on without treading on somebody’s toes, or falling over a pushchair… that did happen.

So as much as our Disney World holiday is one of the greatest experiences of our lives, it is also an overwhelming, energy zapping, all-consuming, cash throwing, draining experience so we need another vacation to get over it.

Would I Go Again?

Hell Yes! … But in a few years, once we have forgotten the bad bits.

tinkerbell and lolly






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