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What exactly have you done today?

First, let me tell you a bit about me. I am a mum of 2, a wife of a sailor and a writer. I am in the middle of writing two novels and I write and proof read for a few blogs and a big publishing house in the US. My days are busy.

0630 – Husband rises from his pit. He tries to wake me up gently but no matter how he does it I get angry because all I want to do is sleep for a few more minutes.

0700 – I am up, mad that the husband didn’t get me up at 0630. I mean why didn’t he just switch the light on and drag me out of bed? I am now rushing. Trying to get the kids in the shower is just painful.

0800 – Scraping my daughter’s hair back in a pony tail, checking their teeth, grabbing their lunches and double checking that I have shoes on my feet. Who cares if I haven’t brushed my hair. I glance at the cold coffee that was left on the side… for me… by my husband. He is always so optimistic in the mornings.

0900 – 1445 – Shower. Eat breakfast. Put washing on. Clean …everywhere! Write blog. Finish work as deadlines are fast approaching. Try to drink a coffee that isn’t freezing cold. Proofread the book I was meant to proofread yesterday. Write some of my novel (fat chance). Go shopping. Oops. Write shopping list.. Rush around supermarket… Its time to collect the kids from school.

1530-1630 – Stop the children from making any mess in the freshly cleaned house! … Not working. Arghhh. Scream at kids to pick up shoes. (2 kids, 9 shoes, 5 different rooms… what even is this?) Clear up apple cores and satsuma peel from the floor that one or two children have put there. Wash up 5 different glasses (where did they come from? KKKKIIIIDDDDSSSSS). Pick up their coats and check kickboxing stuff is ready for son’s class.

1630-1635 – send kids away to play. Too exhausted to stop them from having yet another snack. Take the snack to your rooms, leave me. Glance at the coffee that was left on the table… again, more optimism! Sit. Five minutes peace. Stop thinking. Just chill.

1632 – Husband walks through the door… walks nonchalantly up the stairs, checks me out… Frizzy hair, track suit on, crumbs and puzzle pieces entwined and scattered over the floor. Tells me about his day, says he has sat in the office drinking coffee all day, a nice easy day. He studies the room at a leisurely pace, lifting one eyebrow up slightly he says

”What exactly have you done today?”

And breathe.

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