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The joys of parenthood-Take one.

I recently posted this on my Instagram and Facebook accounts and as it got a good, honest response from other parents with children of a similar age to my little girl I thought it would be perfect for our blog.

Social media has become a place where we all show off what we have, how happy we seem to be, how awesome our boyfriends are for buying us the shoes we wanted, how talented our children are. Well sorry guys but you wont be hearing that from me today.

I am seeing posts daily of the joys of parenthood. Babies taking first steps, sleeping through the night (this has literally been the best thing to ever happen to me as a parent), little girls pirouetting beautifully and videos of their brothers riding a bike without stabilizers. These are all massive achievements and I love to see them filling up my timeline but this is not why I am writing this today.

I am guilty of posting beautiful photos of my children should they sit still for long enough for me to actually capture a decent, blurr free image of them! So I hold my hands up, previous to now I have lied about parenting, I have made out that it is the best thing since Big Tasty’s.

I have only allowed you to see one side of my daughter, the cute, pretty version. But I was wrong in doing so. You may all think that Lorelai is an angel because of the photos I post of her, but this is how we spend the majority of our day. This sums up parenthood in my eyes. Getting down on a level with our little girl, praying that this will be the last time we will need to speak to her about this particular issue. But deep down we know that we will back in this spot in approximately five minutes time. We sigh, we sit, we watch and we fight over whose turn it is to deal with her next outburst.

Nobody warned me that I would grow sick of my own mundane voice. Nobody warned me that my daughter would be a better conversationalist than me, that she will have more power in her vocal chords than a gospel choir or that she would fight to the death because ‘she knows best’.

Where were the warnings people? Did anybody warn you that your daughter would be able to out smart you at the tender age of four? Or that she would be at least as head strong as her mother? No. I feel like I was lied to. Because social media promised me an angel, after all that is what everybody else has right???

❤❤ Peace out ❤❤

8 thoughts on “The joys of parenthood-Take one.

  1. Love how honest this post is. It’s so hard on Facebook because if you put up the nice stuff, people say oh look at her showing off, if you put the real stuff up, or say your having a tough time, people say your attention seeking. I have come off Facebook a lot recently X


    1. I know… I have spent the last 6 years lying about how tough parenting is and it is time for me to speak up. I think it depends on the way it’s written as to how people comprehend it. I must admit there are people on my facebook who seem to moan or talk about every little thing that happens and there doesn’t seem to be a positive post in a whole year, but there are also lots of people doing the exact opposite. I’m going to try and be somewhere in the middle and if I can I will add a little bit of humour to it, humour always brings out honesty in people… x


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