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Just hear me out…

First, I should probably write a little background on the situations that caused me to write this post. Over the last twelve months I have not once, but twice been subjected to people’s nastiness. The first time… A family member who has hurt me multiple times just stuck the knife in my back, again. I should… Continue reading Just hear me out…

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My past shaped my future…because I chose to walk away.

My life right now is what I made it, I chose it because I knew I deserved better… what I have is my own doing and I love my life… but it wasn’t always like this. I am happily married. I have been happy for the majority of my 7-year marriage… I say the majority because… Continue reading My past shaped my future…because I chose to walk away.

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Misfits Forever!

Always wanting to, sometimes trying to, but never truly being convincing enough to actually fit in with any particular group of people. Following on slightly from my previous post, I have never really found my way with people. By that, I mean that I just haven’t met a group of people who are like me. I… Continue reading Misfits Forever!

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You don’t have to be lonely.

Behind my smile was a lonely woman who wanted to be accepted. Well, the truth is, I had children. I left my job, I lost all of my friends connected with that job and, to add salt to the wound I lost my other friends who were childless because my priorities changed and they didn’t… Continue reading You don’t have to be lonely.

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Today We Fought.

Today, my husband and I argued. I was angry that I had driven us to buy food, loaded the car and driven us home, at which point the bugger got out of the car and waltzed towards the front door of our lovely house without a care in the world. Meanwhile, I had two ratty… Continue reading Today We Fought.


My Kids Don’t Play With Toys!

My kids don’t play with toys. We have one large toy storage unit for them both to share, and they are mostly filled with dress-up. There is a box with workbooks and colouring books, a box with cars and other random crap that they fill it with. There is literally a box for every toy… Continue reading My Kids Don’t Play With Toys!